What is the Motorcycle credit simulation

A motorcycle or scooter to feel free! Passionate about the world of two wheels or just looking for a means of transport to avoid wasting time in traffic in urban areas, you have decided and want to buy a motorcycle or a scooter.

However, the price of this means of transport can call for a motorcycle loan. Indeed, instead of drawing on your savings think of a monthly financing solution that allows you not to be in the red after your purchase.

However, you have to look at the rates offered by the different market players and choose the most advantageous loan.

Here we suggest you do your motorcycle credit simulation.

The Moto Credit Simulator from Good Finance


Good Finance offers you financing from private or professional investors and differs in this from a traditional banking establishment. Indeed, Fine Bank is positioning itself as an intermediary because the interest on the loans will be directly paid to investors.

So a new, fairer and more transparent banking model is underway. Choosing Good Finance means choosing the financing model of the future for your motorcycle credit.

In addition, Good Finance is approved by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority as a credit institution (approval N ° 16488).

How to simulate your motorcycle credit?


To simulate your motorcycle credit, nothing could be simpler. You just have to follow the steps of the loan simulator at the top of the page. To start choose the amount of your credit (depending on your project), the repayment period (between 24 and 72 months) as well as the nature of your project (cash, work, new or used car, travel, home equipment …).

Then you will just have to enter your email address, and precisely fill in all the information requested at each step. For example, you must enter your income and expenses, your family and professional situation, your contact details, etc.

At the end of the simulation, if your request is pre-accepted, you will be able to obtain an immediate response in principle. Do not hesitate to make a simulation (free and without obligation), and it only requires a few minutes.

What to do after the simulation of your credit?

What to do after the simulation of your credit?

After having simulated your motorcycle credit, you just have to click on the button “obtain my personalized offer” to validate your request.

If your request is pre-accepted, you will have to return the credit agreement with all the necessary supporting documents. Once your file is complete with all the supporting documents, you will only have to send it back so that it can be studied within 24 hours (1).

After analyzing your file, if you receive a final positive response, you will receive the funds in the process (in compliance with the legal withdrawal period).